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What is a Practitioner School?

The Instructional Technology Initiative (ITI) is committed to reimagining instructional technology support to schools as they continue making shifts to cultivate effective 21st-century instruction. Following the ITI Task Force Recommendations, ITI developed the Practitioner Schools (PS) model to reimagine and exemplify how schools can leverage digital tools to create rigorous and personalized learning environments for all learners.

For more information, view the Instructional Technology Initiative's webpage.

2022-2023 Practitioner Schools 7.0: Empowered Learner


Hillery T. Broadous Elementary is proud to be part of the Practitioner Schools PS 7.0 Empowered Learner Program!

The purpose of the Practitioner Schools 7.0 Empowered Learner Program is to strategically and systematically ensure that Los Angeles Unified students are granted intentional exposure to leveraging digital resources and to developing and integrating foundational future ready practices within the K-12 classrooms. The goal is to create learning experiences that grant students opportunities to be interconnected and engage in practice of future ready skills, computer science education, digital citizenship, and dispositions on a daily basis.