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In-School Programs

  • STEAM Magnet (3rd–5th)
  • GATE Program (2nd–5th) 
  • Practitioner School 7.0 Program
  • One-to-one devices (iPads & Chromebooks)
  • STEAM Lab
  • Robotics Lab
  • Computerwisekids
  • Creative Arts Network
  • Dance, Music, Visual Arts, and Theatre (K–5th)
  • Guitars in the Classroom (primary grades)
  • Orchestra (3rd–5th)
  • All Kids Bike (K–2nd)
  • Certified PE Teacher (4th & 5th)


 Academic English Mastery Program (AEMP)
Academic English Mastery Program (AEMP)

The mission of AEMP is to assure that students, whose primary language does not match the language of instruction, will have equal access to California State standards-based content curriculum and post secondary education and career opportunities.

The Los Angeles Unified School District's Academic English Mastery Program (AEMP) is a comprehensive research-based program designed to address the language, literacy, and learning needs of Standard English Learners (SELs), which includes African American, Mexican American, Hawaiian American, and Native American students for whom standard English is not native. The primary goal of the Academic English Mastery Program is to increase their access to core standards-based curricula and to increase academic achievement.


Special Education

Please contact Lillian Broadous Smith, Assistant Principal, Elementary Instructional Specialist (APEIS) for any information regarding Special Education or any questions regarding Special Education Services.